Player Transfer & Restoring

As a player's level increases, the effect of different items and match experience on the player decreases, making it more difficult to develop your team anymore. Lower quality players pile up in your backpack, and there is no space for adding players. What if your backpack becomes full? What if the levels of the players you want to use are too low? That's where Champion Eleven's transfer and recovery systems come in! Let's take a look.
On the transfer screen (within the player section from the main page)select the players that you don’t need and tap 'Transfer'. Depending on the number and type of players being transferred, you will receive an amount of funding, fame and perhaps even new players in return for yours. Fame acts as a currency in the fame store on the same page, where you can buy stubs for great new players.

As such you not only solve the problem of having too many common player cards, but can also get new players and fame for buying some awesome players.
When first starting your team in Champion Eleven, it's natural that you won't be able to get your favourite players onto your team straight away. You may be concerned about wasting your time and energy developing players you know you won't be using in the long run, yet without developing your available players you're not going to go far. So, what do you do?
Don’t fret, even though your current team may not be your best option, you don't need to hesitate using and gaining EXP.
Champion Eleven's restore system solves this problem. You no longer have to worry about which player to upgrade. Experience gained by a player can be restored as EXP items for use elsewhere. So how exactly can you do this?

On the restore screen (within the player section from the main page) select a player you want to restore the experience from and tap 'Restore'. 50% of that player's gained EXP will be returned to you as EXP cards. If you choose to restore 100% of their EXP, then this can also be done for 300 tokens. Neat huh?

Make sure to properly utilise these two systems, they are crucial to building a strong team!