Build like a manager, buy like a manager

"What other ways can I grow my team?" we hear you ask. The store is a way for players to quickly acquire player packs, items, and tokens. Let's take a look at what's up for grabs.
Tap the "Store" button in the lower right corner of the main screen to enter the store.
The items that can be purchased in the store system are divided into three categories: player packs, items, and tokens.
Player Bag

Tap on the player pack you want to purchase or tap 'Details' below. When the 'Confirm' screen appears, select the quantity to be purchased, and then tap '√' or '×'. After confirming the purchase, tokens or funding will be deducted, and the purchased player pack can be viewed in your bag.


Items include energy drinks, morale boosters, medikits, store refresh cards, EXP cards (M), and EXP cards (L). Items are purchased in the same way as buying player packs. Select the quantity to be purchased and tap '√' or '×'. Purchased items are also stored in your bag. Items are purchased using tokens

Tokens are required for buying all items and some player packs. Tokens can be obtained by completing certain in game tasks, or purchased with real-world money. When you purchase a larger amount of tokens, you will receive a bonus amount as a reward, costing you less per token.