Champion Eleven Global Beta Release

With Pep Guardiola, head coach of Manchester City football team as global brand ambassador, and official FIFPro authorization, Meogames' football management game 'Champion Eleven' has reached its global beta release after two years of development. This global beta marks the game's first official release, with players being able to search for and download Champion Eleven on both the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Players can bring all of their favourite football legends to their teams, such as Ronaldo, Messi, Buffon, Agüero, Neymar, and take on real players from around the world with their own 'Champion Eleven'.

Global Ambassador • Pep Guardiola
After Champion Eleven's soft launch, searches for the game rapidly increased, Facebook buzz shows no sign of slowing down, and Google Play is full of great comments. In a year of the FIFA World Cup, Champion Eleven has received media coverage and football fan interest from every corner of the globe for its rich player training system and realistic club area. With Champion Eleven's high overseas player approval, it's set to make a big impact alongside the upcoming FIFA World Cup.
Guardiola Global Recommendation & Official FIFPro Authorisation
Champion Eleven is excited and honoured to have Pep Guardiola on side as global brand ambassador. As the world's top professional team manager, his opinion regarding the games production was highly valued when seeking out the most authentic football management experience. Thanks to Champion Eleven's official FIFPro authorisation, players can act as more than 63 different football clubs from the Premiere League, La Liga, Serie A and more. On top of this, players can access more than 60,000 footballers from around the world, all your favourite legends and up and coming stars. Using the world's most advanced capture technology and real AI, Champion Eleven brings you a truly realistic football management experience. With the in-game players attribute levels matched to their real-world selves, you can build the ultimate team to take on all others.
Classic Football Management Experience with Modernised Gameplay
More than just head coach, you also play the role of finance manager and general manager, making Champion Eleven a very real experience. There are plenty of free ways to obtain new players, upgrade your club and train your players. Your club will help generate items for building up your team and supply a training field to train them on, giving you a diverse range of ways to build up your teams overall strength. The transfer section allows you to offload your least favourable players and bring in stronger players like a real manager. Completing objectives put to you by the board and sponsors alike will help you generate more income, which in turn can be used to upgrade facilities. You'll need to ensure your teams progress from every angle to take out the title of a true Champion Eleven.
Generate Income with Effective Club Management
2018 is going to be a big year for football fans with the FIFA World Cup taking place. Champion Eleven sets a high standard for mobile football management games, with League, real-time global PVP, championship and world cup matches, pitting players from around the world against each other. Check out the opposition before your match starts and ensure you have the right players and tactics out on the field to take the win. Champion Eleven compares data in real time, so use your player subs and tactical changes to turn the tides in your favour. 5 tactical presets and more than 10 tactical arrangements are provided to give you a base to start from, but make sure to alter them to customise your own unique tactics! Champion Eleven – What you live for!