Champion Eleven Club Introduction

In Champion Eleven, your club can help you train your team, get more items & player packs, and get the further funding through the board and sponsors. As such, your club area plays an important role for football managers. So how can you use the club area to your advantage? Let's take a look!

When you reach level 3, the club area will be unlocked, giving you access to all that you see below. Although there are many facilities, they can be roughly divided into five categories: 'item production', 'funding production', 'training area', 'legacy buildings' and 'construction teams'.

Item Production
The item production category includes the medical area, stadium, national football association, and recreation area, three of which are unlocked at the same time as the club becomes available. Medikits, Morale boosters, and energy drinks can be obtained from these buildings. The National Football Association requires players to reach level 10 to unlock, and then provides player packs after being unlocked. The following describes the use of these four facilities.

Medical Area
Players can obtain medikits from here. When the medikit icon appears, a medikit is ready for collection, and can be obtained simply by tapping on it. Alternatively, you can tap on the building name and then tap 'Collect' on the screen that shows. Medikits have a relatively long preparation time compared to other items, but this time can be reduced by tapping on the building name and choosing to upgrade the building. The higher the building level, the shorter the preparation interval will be.

Stadium, National Football Association & Recreation
The same applies to these buildings also. Items can be collected by tapping on the item icon, and the buildings can be upgrades to reduce item preparation time.

Funding Production
There are three sections in the Office: overview, board and sponsor.
In Overview, you can view financial, team value, best player data and more. You can also check out the club's current financial situation based on your income and expenses.

In the Boardroom, you can see the incentives provided by the board, and what you will need to achieve in order to obtain them. For example, if your team wins an amateur league, the board will supply you with 40,000 funding.

Sponsor is similar to Board, in that they also have tasks for you to complete. Some sponsorships require you to reach a certain level and then complete the tasks in order to get their rewards.

Training Area
Training is used to train your players skills, giving them an advantage out on the field. When you reach level 15, training is unlocked. The first training type to be unlocked is offensive, followed by midfield, defensive, goalkeeper, physical, and tactical as your level progresses.
Legacy Buildings
Legacy buildings include World Cup, Honor Hall and the League buildings. You will gain more fans by upgrading the World Cup building. The higher the building's level, the more fans you have.
Construction Teams
The construction teams are used to upgrade your buildings. Tokens are needed to hire extra teams (permanently) for upgrading buildings. If you want to shorten the intervals for resources collection, you should consider hiring more teams to upgrade your buildings and collect items and funding faster.
Now you are more familiar with Champion Eleven's Club area, what are you waiting for!? Start upgrading your buildings today to back your Champion Eleven!