How to Obtain Players

With more than 1000 real FIFPro licensed footballers, you can completely immerse yourself in the world of football club management with Champion Eleven. Win matches and use your experience to train your players to be the best they can be. But just how do you obtain new players? Let’s take a look:
One of the most common ways is from player packs. In Champion Eleven, most players will be obtained this way. There are five levels of player quality: development (white), professional (green), expert (blue), world-class (purple) and legendary (orange). However, it is possible to get a legendary player when opening an expert card pack. It all depends on how lucky you are.

Daily Check-ins
Don’t forget the daily check-in. Login every day for the first 7 days to receive Cristiano Ronaldo!

Honour System
In the Honour system, there are also ways to collect players. For example, If you reach the gold level, you will receive a legendary player pack, with lots of other players to collect along the way.

Scout Office
There are three levels of scouts: primary, intermediate & senior scouts. Use whichever one is going to be best to help you find the level of player you need.

League, Championship & Ranking Match Rewards
The rewards of these contests differ based on a range of factors, such as league type, opposition rank and more. Take on the most challenging players you can to form the strongest team.

Apart from these ways, you can also get more players through Club, Transfer Market and combining stubs. Now what are you waiting for? Log into Champion Eleven and collect as many players as you can!