Champion Eleven Grand Update180914


Hey Managers! 
Another great update has arrived! In this update we're most excited about our new Facebook login and sharing features. Now you can get your friends to join you on Champion Eleven and show them who the real manager is!
Daily tasks are now a bit easier (we were testing your managing skills, we promise!) and we got the senior scout to promise he's get you at least a world-class (purple) player when you scout for the first time. 
Other than that there are a few UI optimisations and bug fixes. Altogether we hope it brings you a better Football Management Experience.
This update;
1. Fixes language issues regarding account creation
2. Adds two-layer confirmation to purchasing construction teams
3. Ranking match time set to 20 seconds
4. First scouting attempt has a guaranteed world-class (purple) card when using he senior scout for the first time
5. Adjusts player morale and injury UI
6. Adjusts player energy UI
7. Takes Managers to the recharge screen when rewards are tapped on the 'Total Purchases' event screen
8. Allocates VIP status to some players based on their playing habits
9. Introduces a Facebook share function
10. Adds option to log in using Facebook
11. Optimises AI
12. Fixes an error that prevented player skills from having an effect in PVP matches
13. Adds daily tasks and adjusts rewards, lowering daily task completion difficulty
14. Adjusts Manager stamina regeneration time to 1 point per 12 minutes
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